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Flying Lady Foxglove in pictures through the years

Foxy's first day home in December of 2005

Foxy's First Time out to the Duck Blind

Ahhhh isn't she just the cutest

One of Foxy's favorite places on earth when she's not "working" -- The Beach

Smile for the Camera

Yeah, that's right, my first Splash Dogs contest and I landed third place in the Senior division!

And I ended up taking 5th in the Pro Semi-finals on my first weekend!

I think I can I think I can ....

Juniper Lake

Can you throw a smaller one?

Juniper Lake

Postcard Photo - Foxy @ Lake Almanor, specifically Goose Bay

But I love living on the lake, can't we just move here?

Splash Dogs in San Mateo @ the International Sportsman's Expo

Last Day of Duck Season January 2008

Pre Duck Season October 2008

Foxy in the Dog Box hunting, January 2009

Foxy in the Snow at Tahoe, February 2009

Dove Season Opener September 2009

Hey you do all this stuff and you'd be tired too!