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FourPaw Labradors

4xGMPR HR HRKs Brody Points For You SH
Foxy-n-Scooter's Little Miss Forget-Me-Not


Expected Whelp Mid-May 2017

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This is the FIRST litter from the pairing of Brody and Little Miss. And if you are looking for a pointing lab, this merges the DNA of GMPR SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic 'Scooter' MH & QAA and 4xGMPR HR HRKs Brody Points For You SH who is the son of 4XGMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai Midnight Sun MH. Based on the size and color of the parents, we are expecting full grown labs from 40~80 lbs and a range of colors from Yellow to Fox Red. Combine that with all of the fabulous and accomplished dogs going back many decades in the pedigree of both parents along with our in-home puppy raising regiment (Early Neurological Stimulation, scenting, lots of socialization, etc.) will result in pups that are ready to be trained into the dog you desire!

Please take a look at each dogs individual webpage to see their accomplishments!
4xGMPR HR HRKs Brody Points For You SH
60 to 65 pounds

AKC Number: SR67174804
Foxy-n-Scooter's Little Miss Forget-Me-Not
45 pounds

AKC Number: SR73921901

AKC registered Foxy-n-Scooter's Little Miss Forget-Me-Not (Little Miss) is a Fox Red (dark Yellow) Labrador Retriever that was born in July of 2012 from our breeding of Flying Lady Foxglove and GMPR SHR Black Ice's Super Sonic 'Scooter' MH & QAA. Little Miss was bred with 4xGMPR HR HRKs Brody Points For You SH (Brody) a high achieving natural pointing dark Yellow Labrador Retriever that was whelped in March 2011 by Dale Swiderski of Hunter Rose Kennel. FourPaw Labradors will whelp this litter in Mid-May and the puppies will be ready to head to their new homes Mid-July 2017.

Both dogs have a high desire to please and are hard drivers in the field. The goal of this breeding is to bringout the pointing abilities from both lines while maintain the strong athletic ability that American Field Labs are known for all while re-enforcing the hunting/serving desire in the puppies. But of utmost importance to us is to maintain good temperament in the pups for the home that also carries over into the field. Please take note that these will be dogs that can go the distance that will require daily exercise to keep them at a healthy weight and to keep them happy.